Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week 3 Blogpost

In trying to create my personal brand, I will take a bit from the following blogs:

I am in no way condoning the illegal use of marijuana, but I liked the format of this blog in that it gave facts along with pictures.  This would prove effective in my personal brand creation.

I think this blog shows the importance of having a good title to capture your target audience. In this particular case, the blogger is reaching out to people looking to rent in New York. The title lets the reader know what information they will be getting from the blog post itself.

This blog was appealing to me because of the way it was presented. I can take from it how to format the success stories through my training, and potentially use this format to cite different techniques for different demographics.

I like that this blog incorporates a video along the the actual blog. I think that it would be wise to utilize both of these things in a blog to capture a bigger audience. Plus I really like Margaret Cho, so yeah… Finally:

The appeal of this type of blog engages the reader in such a way that there is almost something for everyone. There are links to funny things, current events, and political issues and satire. If you can bring a reader to your blog and they spend a few hours there, then branding has worked.

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